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About Shadow of the Almighty
Kin Policy

Welcome to the Shadow of the Almighty. We are a friendly welcoming kin, a small to medium sized kin who are recruiting for fun active players.

Shadow of the Almighty has some simple rules that we abide by.

Rule #1: This is a game. Don't wear your feelings on your sleeve.

Rule #2: Every character in this kinship is a real person playing a game. Treat each person as such regardless of their level or skill of play. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Rule #3: No high school drama. If you can't get along with someone and can not avoid them email an officer.

Rule #4: If you need help ask an officer. They know it is their duty to help you as best they can. They will make time for you.

Rule #5: Real life takes precedence. No one will harass you for not being able to attend a kin raid or function if you have real life concerns to attend to.

Rule #6: Do not attempt to swindle, steal from, or take advantage of the kin as a whole or any member of the kinship.

Shadow of the Almighty

Leader: Thrandoldril

How to contact us in game:
1) Send a /tell to a Kin member, preferably an Officer but anyone can assist you in finding an Officer.
2) Look to see who in Shadow of the Almighty is in game now by using the social panel and searching our kin name in the fellowship tab.
3) Send an in game mail to any officer